Other things that make the Qur’an miraculous


In my last post, I mentioned one scholar’s list of what makes the Qur’an miraculous. Here are some more things that make the Qur’an miraculous:

>> The ahruf and qira’at. (Don’t know what these are? Learn about them in The Sciences of the Qur’an.)

>> The scientific miracles

>> The effect that the Quran has on its listeners, as well as on the jinn

>> The sounds of the letters that Allah uses to describe certain things, such as for jannah (they are generally very soft and easy), as opposed to jahannam (ain and daad and ghain). No human being can have such mastery over the language. For you to appreciate the power of the Quran, you need to understand Arabic.

>> The linguistic miracle it had upon those who listened to it.


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