What have you sent ahead for yourself?


Here is a story Sheikh Hassan Khalil told us at IlmSummit:

A king had three ministers. He called them out and said, “Go to my garden. I want you to fill this bag with all kinds of fruits and vegetables.”

The first minister said, “I have to obey him. He is my king, so I’ll do my best for him.”

The second said, “Ah, I know he’s not going to care much about it. He’s probably not even going to look at it.”

The third one said, “He’s not even going to look at all.” So he took some leaves and grass and put them in.

The king got his army and told them to take them to jail and leave them with the bags they had collected. No food, no drink, only that bag.

The first one was enjoying himself and thanking Allah.

The second one was in hardship.

The third one could not last. He died.

We are in this world like this. The angel of death will come to us and we will die. We will go to the grave. We have nothing except what we have done. How much did you work? How much did you obey? How much did you sacrifice? How much have you guided? This is what is going to light up your grave. This is going to make you answer the three questions smoothly. This is going to allow you to have a spacious grave.


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