A Role Model


Some short stories/quotes from the life of Imam Ahmad (rahimahullah).

Imam Ahmad once said, “It’s very hard for me to see people who memorize the Quran inside their hearts, but the dunya has melted that heart.”

One time, a person said, “Ya imam, may Allah reward you well for what you have done for Islam.” He said, “Do you know what you are saying? You should say, May Allah reward Islam well for what it has done for me.”

One of his students said, “I was with Imam Ahmad for 20 years, but I never heard him utter a word that could be used against him.” This man’s manners were unbelieveable. His humbleness stood out.

His gatherings were attended by 5,000 people. Only 400 wrote down the hadith, the rest were there for his manners.

Upon the death of Imam Ahmad, the one who used to torture him came into his house. Imam Ahmad was in his bed, dying.

He said, “Ya imam, do you remember me?”

And Imam Ahmad did remember him, even after jail and the death of three khalifahs. Imam Ahmad said, “You’re the one who used to hit me in the time of al-Mu’tasim.”

The man said, “Ya imam, wallahi Allah has destroyed my life, and I just want you to forgive me before you die.”

Imam Ahmad replied, “I did that a long time ago.”

Then he said, “Pray for me.” So Imam Ahmad did so.

When he did that, his son said, “My father, what are you doing? You already forgave him, why do you have to pray for him, too?”

Imam Ahmad replied, “Allah will call people who forgave their brothers no matter what they did, and honor them in front of everybody. Their reward will be upon Allah, and nobody will reward them similar to what Allah will that day. And upon my death, I want to be among those people.”

Imam Ahmad didn’t only become famous because of his knowledge, but because of his manners.

[Taught by Sheikh Waleed Basyouni at IlmWeek.]


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