The Quran and You


Alhamdu lillah, I was once again able to attend IlmSummit this year. There are many things that could be said about it, but if I were to only take one statement away from the two weeks I spent there, it would be a question Sheikh Waleed Basyouni asked. It was a remark he made off-handedly, but it has haunted me since then.

“How much Quran have you memorized in the last year?”

Truely, how much have we memorized? 5 ayahs? 50? 0? Now that I think about it, all of us could have memorized at least 730 ayahs (by memorizing 2 a day). That’s Al-Baqarah, Aali Imran, and then some!

Of course, memorizing isn’t the only thing. Even if we memorize little, we should always be reciting the Quran, reflecting upon it, and most importantly, acting upon it.

There are many virtues mentioned about the Quran:

The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “The Quran will come on the day of judgment, and it will say to his companion – the one who recited it, ‘O my lord, honor me.’ So this person will be placed a crown of honor on his head. Then it will say, ‘Increase this honor.’ So a garment of honor will be placed on him. Then it will say, ‘Be pleased with him.’ Then Allah will be pleased with this individual.”

In another hadith, the Prophet said, “It will be said to the companion of the Quran, ‘Recite, and move up while you recite. And continue to recite in a proper way.’ And then he will be told, ‘Recite the way you used to recite in the dunya because your status in jannah will be equivalent to the last verse (how much) you recite.’” So you will go up one level with every verse that you recite. Ponder over this. Do you know that the distance between one level of jannah and another is the distance between the earth and the stars? Notice that this is not only to the one that memorizes it. He said the companion of the Quran. The companion is the one you turn to in times of need. He is the one that is continually by your side. The Prophet didn’t say the hafidh because it is possible that a person memorized the Quran and yet it will be an evidence against him.

And finally, a beautiful hadith which summarizes much of this is the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam saying, “Whoever wishes that he love Allah and the Messenger, let him recite from this Quran.” This summarizes the status of the Quran. Whoever truly wants to be a believer, to follow Islam, then let him recite this Quran.

In conclusion, let us all strive to be companions of the Quran – even if not by memorizing two verses at minimum a day, then reading the Quran as frequently as possible (20 pages a day = finish the Quran in one month).

[The ahadith have been taken from this video by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi.]


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