The types of dhikr


What are the types of dhikr that one can make to remember Allah?

There are three different types:

01. Remembering Allah and his names and attributes. This is done in two ways: by praising his names and attributes – subhan Allah, alhamdu lillah, Allahu akbar. Also by telling people about it.

02. Remembering Allah’s rulings and not forgetting about them, what he loves and hates, what he wants. This comes in two formats: telling people about it (in gatherings of dhikr). The gatherings of dhikr are the circles where people study halal and haram, how to pray and fast, how to marry and divorce, how to perform hajj, etc. One of the early scholars said what we are teaching is dhikr, tasbih and tahmid aren’t the only ways to do dhikr. The other type is to yourself remember the rulings when they are needed. So when you see what is haram, you immediately remember what Allah said about it. You say astaghfirullah.

03. Remembering Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala in a time of calamity or when you see the uniqueness of his creation. So when good things happen to you, you remember they are from Allah. When bad happens, you remember that it is a test from Allah and you have patience.


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