Signs of a pure heart vs. Signs of an ill heart


Ibn al-Qayyim mentioned that there were seven signs of a pure heart, and seven signs of an ill heart.

Signs of a pure heart

1. The person considers himself as belonging to the next world and not this one. He is a stranger looking forward to return home.
2. The person is ashamed and greatly disappointed any time he disobeys Allah and repents from that action.
3. If the person misses his daily portion of reciting Quran or making dhikr, then it is heavier upon him than if he had lost his wealth.
4. The person finds pleasure in worshipping Allah, and that pleasure is greater than eating or drinking.
5. When the person enters the prayer, his worldly worries and concerns leave him.
6. He’s more stingy with his time than a greedy person is with regards to his wealth.
7. The person is as concerned with his intention and correctness of the deed as he is with the deed itself.

Signs of an ill heart

1. The person does not feel any hurt or pain when he commits evil deeds sins.
2. The person finds pleasure in that which Allah has forbidden, and he even achieves a degree of rest afterwards.
3. The person is more concerned with insignificant and trivial matters.
4. The person dislikes the truth and has difficulty submitting to it and accepting it.
5. The person finds relaxation among the disobedient sinners and to be aggravated by the righteous.
6. The person who is overwhelmed with doubts and affected greatly with misconceptions, and they are attracted more to such discussions (like discussing the ruh) than to the recitation of the Quran.
7. The person is not affected by admonition.

I took these from my Sacred Scrolls notes.


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