Several Ways to Erase Sins


Nine ways to erase sins:

1. Sincere repentance (stopping the sin, having remorse, and intending not to do it again)
2. Seeking forgiveness (such as the sayyid al-istighfar)
3. Deeds that act as expiation (praying the salaat, attending jumah, fasting in Ramadan, etc.)
4. Trials and afflictions met with patience in this life
5. Supplication of believer for another believer
6. The intercession of the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam for his ummah
7. The questioning in the grave and its punishment (this is why we should recite al-Mulk every night)
8. The horror and difficulty of the events of the day of judgment
9. The mercy of the Most Merciful not due to any deed.

[from my Sacred Scrolls notes]


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