Rush to Give Sadaqah


One of the righteous said,

    “Rush to give sadaqah even if you don’t have much money for it has ten virtues: five in the present life and five in the hereafter.

    In the present life
    One, it purifies your wealth.
    Two, it purifies your body.
    Three, it protects you and your family from disease, and in fact it is a cure for disease.
    Four, it brings happiness to the needy.
    Five, it brings blessing (an increase) to your provision

    In the hereafter
    Six, it will be a shade on the day when there is no shade.
    Seven, it will be a means of purification from sins.
    Eight, it is very heavy in the scales.
    Nine, it will help one cross the sirat (the bridge over the hellfire).
    Ten, it will raise the degree in jannah.”

[from my Sacred Scrolls notes]


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