What part of money benefits us?


Abdullah ibn al-Shakhir reported, “I entered upon the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam), and he was reciting “Alhakum al-takathur” (The mutural rivalry [for trying to compete with one another in worldy matters] diverts you) [al-Takathur: 1]. He said,

‘The son of Adam cries out: “My money! My Money!” But do you have, O son of Adam, anything of your money, except that which you eat, so it is wasted, or that which you wear, so it wears out, or that which you gave as charity, so you have sent it forth (to get its reward in the Hereafter?’ ” [Muslim]

In this hadith, the Prophet (S) reminded us that, in reality, all of our money is utilized in three ways. Firstly, the food that we eat, and this eventually is transformed into waste product. Secondly, the clothes that we wear, and this eventually wears out so that it is unusable. Thirdly, the money that has been spent for the seak of Allah, and this is the only part whose benefits remain and return to us. So of what benefit is it for a person to gloat over ‘his money’, and boast about it, and be eager for it, when in reality so little of it is actually spent in such a way as to provide eternal benefit?

[All of the above has been taken from Sheikh Yasir Qadhi’s book 15 Ways to Increase your Earnings: From the Quran and Sunnah.]


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