Ramadan Series


Some beneficial Ramadan series:

– Over on MuslimMatters, Sh. AbdulNasir Jangda has been posting daily 10-20 minute videos on a reflection on one ayah from the days juz here. Out of all of the below, so far this series has been my favorite.
– Sh. Navaid Aziz has been posting daily Ramadan reminders on his facebook page.

From previous Ramadans:
– Dr. Ali Shehata wrote short reflections on each juz, also found on MuslimMatters.
– Sh. AbdulNasir also did audio executive Ramadan reminders two years ago.

Sittings in Ramadan with Sheikh Uthaymeen (rahimahullah)

Not series targeted at Ramadan specifically, but since it is the month of the Quran:
– Sh. Yasir Qadhi has an excellent series on tajweed. Now is as good a time as any (or even better!) to learn how to read the Quran. There are 30 videos, but each is only 15 minutes.
– Dr. Israr Ahmed (rahimahullah)’s Bayan ul-Quran, which I have mentioned before.


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